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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Wisconsin Democrats Get One Million Signatures for Gov’s Recall

| On 17, Jan 2012

I hope WI-Gov. Scott Walker hasn't become too attached to the furniture and draperies in the Governor's Mansion. He may need to forward his mail to another location soon. (Photo credit unknown)

Democrats in Wisconsin are not playing about getting rid of what they feel is a terrible chief executive.

Gov. Scott Walker is biding his time and playing up his strengths while he waits for the people of Wisconsin to OWN him in a recall election. Voters will soon decide whether they even want him to serve out the remaining three years of his term. Today, organizers of his recall submitted over one million signatures to the state’s Government Accountability Board in order to start the recall election process.

If you remember, Walker took office in January 2011 as a Republican in a traditionally liberal, union-loving state. One of his first major proposals was to strip the rights of unionized state workers to have collective bargaining as a negotiating tool. That didn’t go over well at all with Democrats and union-supporters statewide. Major protests took place in Madison that regularly made national headlines.

Eventually, the turmoil led to 14 state senators fleeing the state to Illinois so that a vote on the measure could not take place. The vote still happened under a weird procedural rule and the measure was passed in March.

Democrats immediately fired back. They vowed to oust Walker out of office. They also set out to recall enough state senators to shift the power back to Democrats. They were able to get some out over the summer, but not enough to give the Senate back to the liberals.

Still, their eyes have been set on Gov. Walker. To get him out, he needed to be in office for at least one year and one day. He crossed that mark in January 2012. They also needed over 542,000 signatures of registered voters (or 25 percent of the total 2010 electorate) to make the election happen. They far surpassed that number. Check!

The final piece of the puzzle is that a Democrat needs to step forward as an opponent to Walker. There are a few candidates names being floated around. Whomever the person is will have to run directly against Walker for the seat.

Things are about to get REALLY interesting in Wisconsin! 

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