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Ad Uses Photos to Compare Obama to Rob Ford (VIDEO)

Ad Uses Photos to Compare Obama to Rob Ford (VIDEO)

| On 03, Dec 2013

As the 2014 midterm election season approaches soon, so does the flood of quirky ads from famous and no-name candidates.

One of those ads is from George Demos, a former federal prosecutor who is running for Congress from New York state. In the opener to his ad, he put up three photos of President Obama, embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and incumbent Congressman Tim Bishop as a comparison of what’s wrong in politics today.

The ad’s announcer made me laugh when he said, “[George Demos] is not a politician.” While that may be technically true now, it won’t be if he wins the election. I hate when those aspiring for political office do so much to distance themselves from the role of a politician. What else are they doing in Washington, D.C. other than politicking amongst each other and not working?

I’m also having trouble with Demos drawing the line between Rob Ford and President Obama. Ford is Canadian and most Americans are not familiar with his political accomplishments. So, are we supposed to think they are alike because Ford admitted recently that he smoked crack cocaine while in office? President Obama has not done that. Demos reached FAR with that terrible comparison.



Do you feel the ad from George Demos will be effective to sway voters? 

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