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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Barack Obama and the Selfie Seen ‘Round the World (PHOTO)

Barack Obama and the Selfie Seen ‘Round the World (PHOTO)

| On 11, Dec 2013

Barack Obama Helle Thorning-Schmidt

I step away for a few days to clear up technical issues with our site and the social media world seems to fall apart.

Who would have thought that President Obama taking a ‘selfie’ would cause such an international buzz? Well, that’s exactly what happened.

At Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in Soweto on Tuesday, a photographer snapped a few pics of Obama taking cell phone “selfies” with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt. All while the three were getting their lives with (what seemed to be) Thorning-Schmidt’s phone, First Lady Michelle Obama gazed off into the distance. Then she seemingly cut her eyes back at the world leaders for what they were doing.

That’s where it got funny.

Mrs. Obama suffers from the same problem I do. My face can’t hide my real emotions. I also look mean or in deep thought when I’m really thinking about what to eat or that I forgot to clip my fingernails. The look though on FLOTUS’s face was more that of a stern parent. To me, it was hilarious! No one knows what she was really thinking. But, I highly doubt she was concerned about her grown husband taking a cell phone picture.

Mrs. Obama eventually switched seats with the president, putting herself squarely in between the playful Thorning-Schmidt and her husband. The media went crazy! Twitter immediately compared the Danish PM to Olivia Pope, the famous presidential mistress from ABC’s “Scandal” — all while Mrs. Obama ran interference. The jokes told themselves. LMAO!

Barack Michelle Obama selfie kissing hand

POTUS had to make up for his selfie transgressions.

Do I think the First Lady really had an issue with the pictures? No. Other photos showed her interacting with Thorning-Schmidt. But, I love a good picture and I love Mrs. Obama. I have a sense of humor and I know she does too. People read a lot into her face. Others read a lot into the jokes being made about her.

I do cast a strong side-eye at President Obama for taking selfies with other people at a memorial service. No matter what the real intentions where, the optics were bad. It cheapened the moment. He should know better. I can’t really think of any other reprimands. He’s in his second term and at times just doesn’t care what people think. lol…

Michelle Barack Obama Helle Thorning-Schmidt side-eye selfie



Some are upset that First Lady Michelle Obama is being portrayed as an “angry black woman” over the ‘selfie’ moment? Do you think people are being too sensitive with the jokes made about her side-eye? 



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