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Brawl Erupts at Political Meeting In the Dominican Republic (VIDEO)

| On 30, Jan 2013

Please take a moment to pray for the political system in the Dominican Republic.

Ask God that He doesn’t allow them to bring any more folding chairs to meetings moving forward. LOL! The above clip shows just how out-of-pocket members of the Dominican Revolutionary Party got recently when tensions rose at a meeting in Santo Domingo. They were upset at the ouster of some of its top officials, including former President¬†Hipolito Mejia.

When I watched this, all I heard was Spanish, gun shots, and an ocean of folding chairs hitting people and the ground. I couldn’t make out who exactly was the target. It really didn’t matter because a few folks were getting their asses handed to them in broad daylight — including six people wounded by gunfire.

I guess the language of “political beatdown” translates well across other cultures.

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