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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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Check Out Some of George W. Bush’s Original Artwork (PHOTOS)

| On 26, Mar 2013

George W. Bush painting shower bathtub president artwork

(Original artwork by George W. Bush)

Former President George W. Bush is a painter, in case you didn’t know.

The former Artist-In-Chief had his email hacked recently and images of his paintings surfaced online. I wouldn’t run out to Sotheby’s with my auction paddle and give up my firstborn to have one, but they are pretty decent. In total, there were 23 images released. I decided to share three of them right now.

Here we see a picture of his late dog Barney, which had been made public in February. There are also self-portraits from the back in the shower and from the thigh down in the bathtub.

Some have tried to read into the meaning of the works. In my opinion, this artwork is simply an outlet for the former president. He seems to be reasonably creative and likes to draw. He’s never struck me as a particularly deep man. So, I’ll just say job well done on the paintings.


What do you think of former President Bush’s original artwork? 

George W. Bush artwork painting dog Barney

(Original artwork by George W. Bush)

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