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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Chris Christie Snuck In a Weight Loss Surgery On Us

| On 09, May 2013

Chris Christie New Jersey governor doughnut David Letterman weight loss Lap-Band

Christie eats a doughnut as a joke about his weight on ‘Letterman’ in February. It’s assumed that he underwent a Lap-Band procedure later in the month. (Video still via CBS)

The streets are usually always watching the celebrities and public figures. This time, however, they missed some news about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

This week, His Gubernatorial Highness admitted that he fell under the knife briefly in February for a weight loss surgery known as the Lap-Band procedure. Basically, doctors inserted a silicone and titanium band around his stomach via small incisions. It is one of the slower ways to lose weight with bariatric surgery, but also the least invasive.

So far, Christie says he has lost 30 lbs. With proper diet and exercise he could lose even more, according to experts familiar with the procedure.

Christie had been plagued with jokes concerns about his weight in recent years. With talk of him possibly taking a crack at a presidential bid in the last election, image issues became a concern. Could an obese president keep up with the demands of running the country? Would Christie try to lose weight as his star rose in politics?

Now whether Christie throws his name in the hat for the 2016 race has yet to be seen. I’m just happy to see him taking his health into serious consideration. That’s a win for anyone regardless of their profession.

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