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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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DC Tanning Lobbyist Is John Boehner’s Landlord

DC Tanning Lobbyist Is John Boehner’s Landlord

| On 19, Dec 2013

John Boehner Ohio Speaker of the House tan

(Photo still from “Meet the Press” / NBC)

The jokes write themselves for this piece. However, I still felt I needed to explain this WTF moment.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has long been teased about his year-round “orange glow,” so much that rumors have swirled that he uses tanning services. Between his epic tears, microwaved skin, and failed leadership, Boehner cannot catch a break.

While he fails serves in Congress, Boehner rents an apartment in Washington, D.C. It was recently revealed that Boehner’s landlord is John D. Milne, a lobbyist for the American Suntanning Association via the firm mCapitol. Milne pushed back against the 10 percent tax on tanning services that comes with the implementation of Obamacare.

As far as the relationship between the two, Milne says it is simply a landlord-tenant deal. He also went as far as to reiterate that there is no tanning bed inside the rental unit in an email to The Daily Caller. (OMG … he really wrote that! LMAO!)

Records show that Boehner accepted campaign contributions from a group called the Indoor Tanning Association in 2011 to the tune of $5,000. So, his bank account and complexion have seemed to benefit from these types of arrangements in some fashion.

So kids, what we have learned is that John Boehner allegedly bakes his skin at an undisclosed offsite location. He also loves lobbyists and having close access to the U.S. Capitol from his home.

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