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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Donald Trump Spends $1M to Explore Presidential Race He Can’t Win

| On 31, May 2013

Donald Trump The Apprentice NBC president Election 2016 candidate

Some rich people are experts at wasting perfectly good money in ways which I could never dream.

Donald Trump is a prime example of this stupidity, especially about his pipe dream of one day being America’s next president.

According to The New York Post, The Donald has burned over $1 million to research the 2016 election. He paid someone to look at his chances in each state and what would be needed to win there.

This has to be a practical joke.

What exactly does Trump need to research? He is going to lose! Outside of being a fringe candidate, he brings little substance to the race. The man operates off a media machine designed to make him look like a leader or symbolize faux-importance. People can see right through that. I’d go as far as saying Trump is not even relatable to the people he wants to elect him.

So, tell me again why he needs to spend a bank full of money on this? Just dumb…

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