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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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ELECTION 2013 – McAuliffe Wins, VA-Gov Voters Say NO to The Cooch

ELECTION 2013 – McAuliffe Wins, VA-Gov Voters Say NO to The Cooch

| On 05, Nov 2013

Ken Cuccinelli Terry McAuliffe governor Virginia Election 2013

VA Atty. General Ken Cuccinelli (R) lost his bid to become the Commonwealth’s next governor to Terry McAuliffe (D).

The election results are in for Virginia and it looks like control of the governor’s mansion has shifted back to Democrats!

Former Democratic strategist Terry McAuliffe pulled out a victory over the state’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. The early and ongoing returns show a 46.8 to 46.5 percentage of the vote handed to McAuliffe*

Observers have kept a close eye on Virginia in recent months because of the expected shift from GOP to Democratic control of the gubernatorial seat. Many felt that Virginia could be a litmus test for voter reaction to stiff GOP policies, rampant attacks on women, and the waning influence of the Tea Party since last month’s government shutdown.

The win may not be a total victory celebration for Democrats. Some voters in Virginia said they were only casting a ballot for McAuliffe to keep Cuccinelli out of the governor’s mansion. It’s as if they were choosing McAuliffe because they had to and not because they really wanted him. In the latter days of his campaign, he pulled out the big guns — racking in endorsements from President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, to name a few.

But, Cuccinelli was in a worse position. “The Cooch,” as his fiercest critics called him, had been mired in scandal in recent months alongside sitting Governor Bob McDonnell. The attorney general was accused of accepting and not reporting gifts and money. His staunchly conservative positions against women were no help to him either. Plus, Virginia is now considered by the media to be a “purple” state — a formerly red stronghold that is turning blue with each election. President Obama won the state by a 50 to 47 percent margin in 2012.

For full 2013 election results in Virginia, click here.

*This number is subject to change as election results are finalized. 

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