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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Fake Sign Language Interpreter From Mandela Memorial Catches Hell

Fake Sign Language Interpreter From Mandela Memorial Catches Hell

| On 12, Dec 2013

The drama from Nelson Mandela’s memorial service on Tuesday just doesn’t seem to end.

Media outlets and social media have been abuzz this week about a sign language interpreter at Mr. Mandela’s huge memorial service in Soweto. Thamsanqa Jantjie was seen on TV supposedly signing to the deaf persons in the audience.

But, it didn’t take long to find out that Mr. Jantjie was doing anything but signing. He was just up there waving his hands and putting out gestures. To me, it looked more like bursts of hand-dancing. At times, people were speaking at the podium and he wasn’t signing at all.

Jantjie, however, says that he was having a schizophrenic episode on the stage. He also claims to take medicine for the illness.

Now I’m not one to discount mental illness. But, I have to call a flag on the play with Jantjie. Since when does schizophrenia allow you to perfectly stand in place in enough of your right mind to ACT LIKE you know what you’re doing with sign language? There are real people in the world who truly suffer from the diagnosis. He shouldn’t disrespect them.

In my opinion, Jantjie should just own up to what he did. He’s a fake or at least not very good at what he does. It was Mandela’s memorial and a time for him to be seen by millions in the world. He probably didn’t want to pass up the opportunity, so he faked it until he thought he made it. It is unclear exactly who hired him for Mandela’s service.

According to CNN, Jantjie did the sign language interpretation at an event for the African National Congress last year. They complained about his services too.

Through it all, Jantjie calls himself a “champion” in the sign language world. That is, of course, if you are measuring how much of an ass he has made of himself. Lol… What nerve!

I have one tough question for Jantjie. Did he think that no deaf person watching his terrible sign language performance would catch on that he wasn’t speaking properly to them? I guess it was the “schizophrenia” that prevented him from caring about that.

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