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Find Out If Your Congressional Rep Is Withholding Their Pay During Shutdown

| On 02, Oct 2013

No money empty pockets

Here’s a pretty helpful list I found in The Washington Post of lawmakers in the U.S. House and Senate who are voluntarily withholding or donating their pay during the federal government shutdown.

As of the drafting of this post, only 66 lawmakers admitted to deferring or donating their pay. That’s only 12 percent of the total membership of both houses of Congress. It is true that Congress and the president have to be paid by law and their salaries do not come from discretionary spending budgets. Still though, with nearly 800,000 Americans on indefinite furlough as of Tuesday, you would think the people that CAUSED it might step up a little more.

See the list HERE of members of Congress that are pushing their paychecks to the side for the time being.

I am slightly pissed that I don’t see my representative nor my two senators on this list. Hmm.. I may need to call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and be connected to their offices to complain.



Do you think your members of Congress, whether Democrats or Republicans, should defer their own pay until the end of the federal government shutdown? 

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