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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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Five Reasons Why I Believe Obama’s Approval Ratings Are Declining

| On 17, Jun 2013

Barack Obama president poll numbers

(Photo by REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

President Obama is overseas in Northern Ireland this week for the G-8 Summit. Back at home, he is dealing with a few scandals and new poll numbers showing Americans aren’t “playing cheerleader” with him as much lately.

According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, the president logged a 54 percent disapproval rating from respondents. In the same survey, 45 percent of people agreed with his job performance. One of the main takeaways was that people don’t feel the president is as honest as he once was. This is VERY interesting.

Here are five quick reasons why I believe President Obama’s approval ratings are going south:

  1. People are losing overall trust in his Administration. This doesn’t mean they don’t think he can do the job. It just doesn’t feel nearly as transparent as it should. I’d blame this on him and some of the people who report to his office.
  2. Too many “scandals” too fast. The IRS, AP, and NSA surveillance stories all popped up in the spring of 2013. Had these stories had more time to cool off, the public backlash may not have been as severe. All of them have served to jam pack the news cycles, blogs, and public conversations as much revelations come to light.
  3. Obama’s NSA surveillance revelation gave an immediate flashback to the days of George W. Bush and his warrantless wiretapping program. Anything that puts us in the mind of former Pres. Bush is akin to opening an old wound. We as a nation just aren’t yet fully healed from his eight years of incompetence.
  4. Obama flip-flopped or outright stalled on some major issues. For example, not closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, not going after the banks in the financial crisis, and not pursuing a public option in the healthcare debate are times when he and his Administration dragged their feet. This is where candidate Obama differed greatly from the president.
  5. Approval ratings rise and fall with the news cycle. Remember how wildly popular the president was when they caught Osama bin Laden? Well, he didn’t catch any major terrorist leaders this week, so it’s not gonna be the same. A good majority of the public tend to form their opinions with the news of the day. They may consistently like or dislike the president, but it can change to varying degrees. The man can’t be a superhero 100 percent of the time. lol…

We will continue to monitor President Obama’s poll numbers to see how all of this heat weighs on public opinion. I’m interested to see what the administration may do to curb the growing ill sentiment.



What additional reasons do you believe have caused the fall in President Obama’s poll numbers?

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