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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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Florida’s Black Lt. Gov. Resigns Due to Gamble Scheme Issues (VIDEO)

| On 14, Mar 2013

Florida’s Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, a Republican, has thrown up the deuces to her position as second-in-command of the Sunshine State. Her reasons for leaving, though, stem from questions a few years ago when she served in the state’s House of Representatives.

Carroll submitted her resignation letter to Gov. Rick Scott (R) on Wednesday. She didn’t want questions about her involvement with Allied Veterans of the World a few years ago to cloud the progress his administration is trying to make. The company runs Internet gambling cafes.

The organization is under investigation for essentially running a Ponzi scheme. They were raising millions of dollars supposedly for veterans, but little of it was going to them. Instead, it is believed that the people running the organization were profiting from the donations. This week, 57 people were arrested in connection with the scheme on racketeering and money laundering charges.

A few years ago, Carroll did some public relations consulting for Allied Veterans. It was that work that sent the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to pay her a visit recently. Carroll, however, was not arrested in connection with wrongdoing.

The loss of Carroll as lieutenant governor is significant because she was the first black official elected to statewide office in the state, which I (almost) find surprising for Florida.

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