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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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George W. Bush Supports Obama Playing Golf

| On 23, Sep 2013

This piece of news made me chuckle.

Speaking recently with the Golf Channel, former President George W. Bush addressed the criticism that President Barack Obama receives about how often he plays golf. Bush defended Obama’s 100 games on the links.

“I see our president criticized for playing golf. I don’t. I think he ought to play golf … Because I know what it’s like to be in the bubble. I know the pressures of the job, and to be able to get outside and play golf with some of your pals is important for the president. It does give you an outlet,” the former president said in an interview. [SOURCE]

I have to say that I agree with Bush. He would have been a hypocrite for not defended Obama considering how many hours he logged at the “Western White House” in Texas when he was president. Bush STAYED on vacation throughout his two terms.

Obama’s critics are so petty for scrutinizing his time on the golf courses. As stressful as his job is, he deserves some time to himself to rest and decompress. Stress kills people, literally. So everyone, including the president, needs some time off. The man is not a machine nor a slouch on the job.

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