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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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Head Start Disappears For 57,000 Children Due to the Sequester

Head Start Disappears For 57,000 Children Due to the Sequester

| On 19, Aug 2013

President Barack Obama Head Start sequester children

President Obama visits a Head Start classroom in Phildelphia. (Photo via CNN)

Budget tightening at the federal government is making its way into the lives of some of our youngest citizens.

More than 57,000 children ages 5 and under from low-income families will begin to feel the effects of the sequester, thanks to cuts to the Head Start program. Those kids will no longer have access to the program, which helps to develop children from birth to age five. Kids that are still in the program may experience shorter classroom days. Some employees, to the tune of 18,000, will receive pay cuts. Way to honor our youth! *sigh*

As you may remember, the sequester kicked in around the beginning of March. It triggered automatic spending cuts to programs ranging from those in the Defense Dept. to early childhood education. It was a mostly-avoidable last resort because of lazy members of Congress who were not able to work together to come up with solutions to truly balance the budget.

Republican lawmakers who supported the sequester have argued that the cuts haven’t caused the pandemonium predicted by President Barack Obama and his allies. That was because many of the cuts, such as those to Head Start, didn’t take effect until now — a full five months after the sequester started. Anything that denies children access should be a cause for pandemonium. I would almost bet money that some lawmakers simply don’t care.

Meanwhile, an entire stadium of young children across the country will be denied access to early childhood development opportunities that can better prepare them for school. Thanks Congress! *side-eye*

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