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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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House GOP to Introduce Bill to Raise Debt Ceiling

House GOP to Introduce Bill to Raise Debt Ceiling

John Boehner House Speaker government shutdown

Looks like the Republicans are finally seeing the light of day on their outrageous demands on one of two critical issues in Washington, D.C.

On Thursday morning, House Speaker John Boehner said that his party would be bringing up a bill to temporarily raise the debt ceiling. In exchange, they want to sit down with President Obama to discuss a range of issues on federal spending and some concessions they want to see happen.

Still no word on how or when they are gonna end that pesky little GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN they caused on October 1. *sigh and side-eye*

We are now in day 10 of the government shutdown. At the same time, we are exactly one week away from the threat of default on U.S. debts without an increase in the debt ceiling.

Here’s what I feel happened. The debt ceiling is a real thing and if the nation doesn’t raise it, then we will default on several financial responsibilities. Our currency is much of the world’s standard so several nations (i.e., China) are invested in things like our Treasury bill market. With a default, that could hurt not only our economy and stock market, but world markets as well.

Once Wall Street realized that the Republicans weren’t thinking clearly, they began to sound the terror alarm about what was going to happen. You know the GOP loves their money and Wall Street is their pimp friend. So after the financial industry got in their asses, NOW they have an epiphany about raising the debt ceiling.

Mind you, this is the same party that over the past 10 days has said they didn’t have a problem breaching the debt ceiling ….. Yeah, alright.

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