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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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House Votes Unanimously to Grant Back Pay to Furloughed Workers

House Votes Unanimously to Grant Back Pay to Furloughed Workers
  • On Monday, 7 October, 2013
government shutdown back-pay federal workers furlough

(Photo via Al-Jazeera America)

There was one bright spot of news to come out of the government shutdown fight this past weekend.

The House of Representatives voted by a unanimous 407-0 margin to back-pay federal workers once the government is up and running again. That will happen when politicians stop acting like children, the GOP realizes they LOST the fight on Obamacare, and politicians try to put the people first for five seconds.

The move by the House got support from President Obama and Democrats, who have long (at least outwardly) been pushing to keep federal workers on the job and away from a shutdown completely.

It’s actually funny that the House UNANIMOUSLY voted to offer back pay to federal workers. Let me explain why…

Republicans are notoriously the party of independence, self-reliance, and few handouts for anyone other than the well-connected and the rich. So then why did they vote to back-pay government workers who have been off the job for almost a whole week and will probably be for a longer time period? Of course, I support the measure and believe the workers deserve their pay. However, this is “pay for no work” idea is NOT a Republican concept.

In plain English, I believe many of the GOP members (especially the Tea Party wing) voted for back-pay to politically cover their asses during next year’s election. They knew the hell they would have to pay by going against 800,000+ furloughed federal workers — many of whom they work with and around. That would not provide very good optics for their argument that Democrats are the real reason behind the shutdown.

Read between the lines, people. There seems to be a reason behind every decision in this shutdown process. Republicans are trying to side with federal workers now that they can be a political asset.



Do you agree with the thought that the GOP voted to back-pay federal workers because of political strategy?

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