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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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HUH? Only Six People Signed Up For Obamacare Plans on Oct. 1

HUH? Only Six People Signed Up For Obamacare Plans on Oct. 1

| On 04, Nov 2013


The rollout of has taken its fair share of criticism in the past month. Many of the complaints have been warranted due to the mostly faulty website.

However, news late last week from the House Oversight Committee only made matters worse. By the end of the day on October 1, the first day the website went live, only SIX people had fully signed up for health insurance. That’s six whole people in the entire country. A day later, 248 had completed the sign-up process. This was right at the time when people realized that the website was riddled with issues and error messages.

For perspective, there were 4.7 million unique visitors to the site on the first day, according to the Obama Administration. Could it be that the website gave users so many errors that only six were able to actually get insurance? Whatever it was, the figure was not one that the Obama Administration probably wanted released amid hearings about the failure of the website rollout.

To be fair, there are several steps in the process of obtaining new health insurance. There is a window from October 1 to December 15 just to purchase insurance that’s active on January 1, 2014. To me, it looks like a lot of people went to check out the hype, either got information or ran into glitches, and did not sign up on the first day. It still doesn’t excuse the fact of only six people signing up on the first day out of 4.7 million visitors. I would have expected maybe a couple of thousand at least. Oh well….

Obama Administration officials have said that after upcoming scheduled maintenance the website will be completely functional by November 30.

Editor’s Note: I signed up for a account on November 4. I did not encounter any issues or error messages during my process. I was able to sign up for an account and shop for insurance on the federal exchange. I saved my work and will log in at a later date to actually purchase one of the insurance plans I saved. At least we know now that ongoing maintenance to the site is working.

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