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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Hypocrisy Alert: Oklahoma Sens. Blocked Sandy Aid, Want Tornado Funds

| On 22, May 2013

U.S.  Senate Tom Coburn James Inhofe tornado Moore Oklahoma relief aid

Sens. Tom Coburn and James Inhofe (l-r)

In the wake of Monday’s devastating EF-5 scale tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, residents, volunteers, and even strangers have offered to help those in need. President Obama held a brief news conference on Tuesday to show the federal government’s support and commitment to the rebuilding efforts.

Oklahoma’s two Republican U.S. senators, Tom Coburn and James Inhofe, are trying to deliver aid to their state. It is a predictable move in a tragedy of this magnitude. However, just a few months ago both Coburn and Inhofe voted AGAINST $51 billion in relief for the victims of Superstorm Sandy in the Northeast.

How does that happen?!

Both senators are fiscal conservatives who feel it’s ok to block the government’s efforts to help others, but want to make the money rain on their own people. Coburn and Inhofe wanted spending cut elsewhere in the budget to pay for Sandy relief. There hasn’t been any word from them yet about if they want the same “offsets” for Oklahoma aid. The victims in Oklahoma, New Jersey, and New York all deserve our help without question or bias.

The Oklahoma crew is in a tough spot now that the media have called them out on this glaring hypocrisy. Let’s not forget that the Senate keeps an accurate record of the votes of all senators that they cannot back away from.

It’s sad that during times like this you have to call people on the carpet. But, Oklahomans and the rest of the nation deserve a reminder of what Inhofe and Coburn are really about.

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