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IRS Shows Its Two Left Feet In Wasteful Cupid Shuffle Video

| On 03, Jun 2013

The Internal Revenue Service isn’t winning many friends these days. And this video proves that in more ways than one.

The agency now has some visual evidence of government waste in action. A clip of some IRS employees doing the popular line dance, the Cupid Shuffle, has hit the Internet. *cue the faux conservative outrage* The video cost a reported $1,600 to produce and couldn’t have come at a worst time for the IRS.

Let’s not forget about the somewhat brewing scandal about the IRS scrutinizing Tea Party and conservative 501(c)4 applications over more liberal groups. Republicans are holding on for dear life to make that an issue. The dance video only adds fuel to this fire they hope to pin on any living thing connected to President Obama.

Here are a few tough questions I have about the Cupid Shuffle clip:

  1. Why was the video made in the first place? It made no sense to me and definitely did not have a correlation to 1040 forms, estimated taxes, or capital gains deductions.
  2. Shouldn’t we be more angry at the lack of rhythm from the people in the clip? Were they dancing to the same song we heard? I couldn’t tell.
  3. Why $1,600 was spent on this mess? I’m not saying that this is the first time that government money has been overspent. But, judging by the two or three amateur shots needed to create this clip, that amount of money is too much. I could have created the same thing on my iPhone at a fraction of the cost. Hell, the video didn’t even have credits.

I don’t know if I’m more angry at government waste or having to sit through nearly three minutes of uncoordinated dance trash. *sigh*

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