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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Launches Georgia Gubernatorial Bid

Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Launches Georgia Gubernatorial Bid

| On 13, Nov 2013

Georgia state Sen. Jason Carter, a Democrat, has announced last week that he will seek the state’s highest office in 2014. In an exclusive interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Carter said he will run against incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal.

Carter is the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, who is also a former governor and state senator. It’s obvious that the Jason Carter is garnering media attention by default from the popular name of his grandfather. However, the younger Carter is trying to stick to the issues.

As a Georgia resident, this story has some specific interest for me. Currently, no Democrat holds any statewide office in the state. Atlanta is a Democratic stronghold, serving as the capital and largest city, and the economic engine for the state by far and wide. However, the electoral map turns bright red once you escape the city’s first-ring suburbs. Rural parts of the state are exceedingly Republican — for reasons I still can’t always fathom.

Outsiders think Atlanta runs the state, but it’s really the rural people that determining the people who go in office. In 2012, Mitt Romney won Georgia by a 53-45 percent margin over President Obama. Deal, the current governor, beat Roy Barnes in the 2010 gubernatorial race by a 53-43 percent margin. Georgia is clearly Republican!

Carter has his work cut out for him to win the hearts and minds of staunch Republicans and drive the Democratic vote to overcome the odds. He’s got a good headstart with the name recognition and his role in the Senate.

We will keep a close eye on this race!

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