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Maine’s Governor Is Really Afraid of Newspapers

| On 06, Feb 2013

Paul LePage Maine governor newspapers

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I thought this story was kinda funny, though I’ve heard other people say similar statements before.

The governor of Maine let some schoolchildren in on a little secret the other. He is afraid of newspapers. Well, not literally scared of the newsprint .. we don’t think .. but, he doesn’t like how newspaper reporters portray him in their stories. He cited a lack of objectivity. So, he avoids them like the plague.

Gov. Paul LePage made this admission at least twice in recent appearances at a school and to reporters.

I can somewhat understand the governor’s apprehension about media. Local outlets can oftentimes be more critical than bigger outfits because they have more time and energy to focus on specific topics. In a state with only 1.3 million people, Gov. LePage isn’t exactly presiding over booming population centers with thousands of other news stories. His Tea Party-infused politics can often be the stuff headlines are made of.

However, the governor’s statement is hilarious because of how stupid it sounds. In this age of technology and online media, he’s afraid of NEWSPAPERS?! He is one of the most recognized people in the state. A fear of blogs may be a bit more understandable since they are well-read yet don’t always abide by journalistic principles. 

Did Gov. LePage think journalists were going to spend every workday kissing his ass?

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