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Marcia Fudge Tells the Tough Truth About Obama Ignoring Blacks

| On 28, Mar 2013

Marcia Fudge Cleveland Ohio Democrat Congressional Black Caucus chair U.S. House of Representatives

(Photo by Lisa DeJong / The Plain Dealer)

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) is not here to sugarcoat how she feels about her work in Congress or what she would like to see done in the White House.

Fudge, whose district is in the Cleveland area, is the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. The group is made up of 42 representatives who advocate for policies and legislation to benefit the African-American community. As its leader, she’s often sharing her opinions and vision about how Washington needs to work better in the interest about black people.

Her latest target is none other than President Obama himself. An article appeared in McClatchy Newspapers on March 22 describing her ire for some of the Commander-In-Chief’s decisions.


In a nutshell, Fudge contends that the president is missing opportunities left and right to properly advance black people in the ranks of government, particularly to the Cabinet level. Even worse, she thinks that he is not actively working for the interests of the general black electorate — most noticeably when he said comprehensive immigration reform was the top priority of his second term in office.

The black community overwhelmingly supported the president’s re-election by a 93 percent margin. Yet, their unemployment rate has remained at double the national average throughout his term.

I must say, Rep. Fudge makes an extremely compelling argument in the article. I agree with her for the most part. The quiet sentiment among some in the African-American community is that Obama is a good and qualified president. However, he has turned somewhat of an indirect shoulder to the black community while in office.

It’s yet another tough truth that needs to be spoken about our government. No one is going to agree with President Obama’s all the time, even as he has admitted in the past.


How would you rate the job President Obama has done for the African-American community since taking office in 2009? 

Do you believe he needs to turn his focus to more black issues before he leaves office?


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