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Melissa Harris-Perry Corrects Bush’s Revisionist History on Katrina (VIDEO)

| On 03, May 2013

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Melissa Harris-Perry preached nothing but the GOD’S HONEST TRUTH in this clip as she was the fill-in host on The Rachel Maddow Show!

In the video, Harris-Perry takes former President George W. Bush to task about a particular feature of his new library in Dallas. There’s an interactive display called Decision Points Theater that allows participants to make calls on the same issues faced by Bush while he was in office.

As a New Orleans resident, Harris-Perry took issue with the decision choices around the Hurricane Katrina debacle in which Bush was involved. If you believe what the Bush Library says, then lawlessness and chaos were the problems in the flooded city — not a lack of resources, government inaction, and a president that didn’t care about the tragedy for several days.

Click the video above to watch Melissa Harris-Perry hand George W. Bush his ass (via commentary) on primetime television.

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