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NC GOP Is Drunk With Power In Voter Suppression (VIDEO)

NC GOP Is Drunk With Power In Voter Suppression (VIDEO)

| On 19, Aug 2013

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Something about the recent North Carolina voter ID bill caught my attention over a month ago and hasn’t let go.

Last week, Rachel Maddow and her team did an amazing job of summarizing exactly what the GOP has in store for residents of the Tarheel State. The bill was signed earlier this month by Gov. Pat McCrory. The clip focuses specifically on student voting in the Boone and Elizabeth City areas of the state. I guarantee that even if you don’t live in North Carolina, you’ll be shocked at what some voters will have to face.

It is clips like this that are the reason I tell everyone that state and local-level politics are oftentimes the most important. The GOP in North Carolina and across the country are trying every avenue they can to limit access to voting because they have no real platform to promote to their constituents.

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