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Newt Gingrich Shockingly Says Obama “Bullies” House GOP (VIDEO)

| On 15, Jan 2013

Newt Gingrich has resurfaced in the deficit and debt ceiling debate between the White House and Congress.

Always the bitter one, Gingrich made an appearance on CBS News to do his usual attack dog task of tearing down President Obama.

Gingrich seems to think that Obama’s was harsh in Monday’s presser¬†with his stance toward the House GOP. The president said he will not negotiate on unfair terms with the House GOP over raising the debt ceiling and/or lowering the federal deficit. He said he is looking for balanced solutions to these issues and urged the GOP to get their minds right.

Watch Newt reach extremely far saying that the president “bullied” Congress about his demands. I call it finally taking a stand against arrogant Republicans who are in the minority!

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