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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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North Korea Continues to Get More Ballsy With Threats

| On 05, Apr 2013

North Korea army Pyongyang Kim Jong Un missile nuclear

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Something in the air has shifted in North Korea. They are feeling themselves lately and no one knows the exact cause.

Threats continue to emanate from the northern half of the Korean peninsula. The latest reports say that North Korea has stationed two medium-range mobile missiles on their east coast, which is closest to U.S. and South Korean interests. U.S. troops are stationed in South Korea, Japan, and Guam — all within the potential 2,500 mile strike zone of the missiles.

The BBC reported on Friday that Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, has warned its embassies to prepare for evacuation in the event of a violent outbreak. Of course, the United States and South Korea do not have embassies in the country. Nations such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Russia have met with North Korean officials, but not made final decisions on how they plan to act.

All of this aggression is really North Korea’s fault. They launched a missile in December and followed it up with a nuclear test in February. Both are big no-no’s in the international community which has been working toward a nuclear-free North Korea. In response, the United Nations imposed economic sanctions on the country that included freezing the assets of individuals and companies with ties to the weapons program.

Even where I am, I can feel a shift. People whom I’ve never heard utter the words “North Korea” in the same sentence are talking about what’s going on. That is when I began to feel that the news media has made the threats serious enough that everyday Americans are beginning to take notice.

I just hope this talk from North Korea is simply rhetoric that Kim Jong Un wants to use as leverage. I don’t support him trying to pimp the international community, but it’s better than an all-out war. Yes, we know the U.S., its allies, and North Korea all have a strong military presence. But, that doesn’t mean I’m trying to see them use it on each other.

As I have said before, war between these nations would be pointless.

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