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Obama and Christie Get More Sandy-Related Photo Ops

| On 28, May 2013

President Barack Obama New Jersey Asbury Park Chris Christie governor football boardwalk Asbury Park

Pres. Obama plays a football toss game on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ on May 28, 2013. NJ Gov. Chris Christie is pictured right. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP)

President Obama made his way up to the Jersey Shore on Tuesday and it wasn’t to hang out with Snookie.

The president met with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday to tour areas hit in October by Superstorm Sandy. He spoke about the recovery efforts from Asbury Park, nearly 60 miles south of New York City.

A visit like this is needed from the president. The Sandy storm hit at a critical time just before the November election. Some observers believe that it played a role in him securing a second term since both he and Mitt Romney stopped campaigning just after the storm made landfall. The area affected was near one of the nation’s major population centers. The cleanup from the storm highlights Obama’s role, in conjunction with state government, as a president who is a caring leader. It’s really his “Katrina” moment in reverse.

On the other hand, for Republican operatives, they are reaching for clean Depends undergarments after seeing photo ops of Christie with Obama. The governor has made it a point to reach across party lines and play nice with the president for the stake of his constituents — like a real leader is supposed to do.

In GOP world, Christie may rot in hell for acting like he will agree or work with Obama on any initiative. This is why Christie, who faces re-election in the fall, stays winning and many of his critics are lost souls.

He’s not a perfect governor. But damn, I cannot believe his party is pissed with him for actually doing his job. The people of New Jersey, a Democratic state, find some good in him. According to PollTracker, Christie holds a 67.1 percent approval rating. Let the math speak for itself.


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