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Obama and Christie Have “Master-Servant Relationship,” Says Rush Limbaugh

| On 03, Jun 2013

Just in case you missed it, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is still as angry as ever that a man of color resides in the White House.

One of Limbaugh’s latest rants about President Obama was about his visit last week to check on the progress of rebuilding on the Jersey Shore. The president spent time with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as they toured areas of Asbury Park, took pictures, and played games to encourage tourism.

Well, it seems that Limbaugh didn’t like how comfortable Christie was with Obama and neither do any of the other divisive Republicans. On his radio show, Limbaugh said the two executives have a “master-servant relationship” namely because the federal government is putting in a hefty amount of money (nearly $60 billion) to rebuild areas decimated by Superstorm Sandy.

I try not to give Rush Limbaugh too much of my time. We already know what that overeating drug-addict is about. I do, however, find it highly disrespectful to Gov. Christie and the people of New Jersey to imply that they are some type of servants for wanting federal help in rebuilding. Are the people affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes the same kind of servants? I would hope not.

You couldn’t bet Limbaugh a truckload of his beloved Oxycontin to say any of these things to Obama or Christie’s faces. Believe that!

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