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Obama Belittles Congress About Their Performance On Gun Control

| On 09, Apr 2013

President Obama made a stop in Hartford, Connecticut on Monday to discuss gun control in a state that has become the epicenter of debate.

It was during the speech that he got a bit heated in his call for stricter gun control. The president’s frustration showed when he mentioned that some members of Congress said they would block votes on efforts to curb gun violence. Obama’s face showed just how STUPID the tactic is and how fed up he’s become with petty Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Mind you, he was speaking with a room full of people, some of whom were touched personally by the Newtown school massacre in December. Imagine that after the world witnessed the fallout from the tragedy that Obama would still be wrestling with lawmakers just to get a vote on making guns more difficult to access.

The White House is on the offense this week as several of its highest-profile members, including First Lady Michelle Obama, will make speeches in different parts of the country in support of stricter gun control laws. Obama and his team timed the appearances to coincide with lawmakers’ return to Washington, D.C. after a recent recess.

Get into the president’s utter disgust with Congress starting around the 18:26 mark….

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