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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Obama Gets Enraged With Senate GOP Over Failed Gun Control Vote

| On 17, Apr 2013

President Obama took the gloves off on Senate Republicans in a blazing speech at the White House on Wednesday afternoon.

He spoke to the press, flanked by family members of at least one the fallen children in Newtown, Connecticut, about the failed outcome of the vote on the strengthening of gun laws. Former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head in an attempted assassination in January 2011, was also with the president.

To put it plainly, Obama didn’t mince words about how he felt about the vote’s outcome. He directly took aim at the mostly-Republican senators that voted against the gun measure and the pimpish gun lobby to which many of them answer. The president said that 90 percent of Americans and 80 percent of Republicans supported tighter restrictions on weapons purchased online and at gun shows.

And it STILL failed……

This was a pretty shameful day for Washington. But, we can do more if Congress gets its act together,” said the president.

Outside of his anger, the president was able to remind the American people how they can solve the problem of a such a disconnected and disrespectful lawmaking body.

“To the wide majority of NRA households who supported this legislation, you need to let your leadership and lobbyists in Washington know they didn’t represent your views on this one. The point is, those who care deeply about preventing more and more gun violence, will have to be as passionate and as organized and vocal as those who blocked these common-sense steps to help keep our kids safe,” Obama said.

I think that’s a great piece piece of advice coming from the president. Let’s follow it. Find your U.S. senators here and see how they voted on the bill here.

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