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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Obama Gets His Limo Towed On Israel Trip (VIDEO)

| On 20, Mar 2013

President Obama’s entourage learned the value of an active roadside assistance plan on Wednesday during his latest jaunt to Israel.

The limousine that was to carry the president had to be towed away because it was mistakenly filled with diesel fuel instead of unleaded. Israeli television showed the vehicle on the back of a flatbed truck driving down the street.

Not to worry. The president always has a backup. Another secure car was in the fleet and used to taxi the president, as is standard practice. It was still odd to see the president’s limo being carted off like just another common car. I guess car trouble knows no world leadership position.

No word on who was sleeping on the job and put the wrong kind of gas in the car. I’m not sure if I’d want them transporting me anytime in the near future. Next, there might be coffee fumes flowing out of the tailpipe of one of the cars. smh…

The president arrived in Israel on Wednesday for his first visit there as president. He will leave on Friday.

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