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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Obama Gets Rough With GOP About Blocking Economic Progress (VIDEO)

| On 25, Jul 2013

In a speech on Wednesday billed as one that “you will not want to miss,” President Obama TRIED to change the course of his second term economic policy.

Time will only tell how successful the president will be. But, he definitely showed more annoyance and toughness with Congress about moving the country forward. His address was focused mostly on the economy and how his administration will do all it can to help middle class and poor families that have struggled in the wake of the recession.

One point I was glad to hear was when Obama laid down the law about how he will work with Congress throughout the rest of his 1,267 days left in office after the speech. If they don’t want to vote on his proposals, then he will work around them using executive powers, the bully pulpit, and his extensive Rolodex. I fully support his effort!

Check out “the speech” and let us know honestly what you thought about it.

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