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Obama Has Stern Words For IRS Picking On Conservative Groups (VIDEO)

| On 13, May 2013

In a press conference on Monday, President Obama got tough with the agency that many Americans love to loathe — the Internal Revenue Service.

The president’s problem with the IRS stemmed from recent news reports that they were specifically targeting Tea Party groups for additional tax scrutiny.

Obama said the allegations, if true, are “outrageous” and that he won’t stand for them. He reminded reporters that the IRS is supposed to evenly distribute its misery across all American citizens. The Internal Revenue Service is designed to be an non-partisan organization no matter who is serving as president.

IRS officials began targeting groups in the wake of the Citizens United decision of 2010 — the decision that essentially allowed corporations to give unlimited money to political groups. It seems that the agency’s original idea went wrong of trying to make sure these groups were legitimately organized for political purposes. Efforts to further checks often found that Tea Party and ultra-conservative groups were at the core of scrutiny.

Republicans in Congress (and some Democrats) are ready to pounce on this story by calling for hearings and firings of leadership involved in the matter. There will definitely be more to this saga as information becomes available. Republicans must have a fresh issue to hammer the president on at all times.

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