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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Obama Makes Secy. of Defense and CIA Chief Picks

| On 07, Jan 2013

Just days ahead of his inauguration, President Obama continues to put together the pieces of what will be his second administration.

In a Monday afternoon announcement at the White House, the president formally chose former Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Republican, as his next pick for Secretary of Defense. He will replace the outgoing Leon Panetta. Hagel is a veteran of the Vietnam War and outspoken on foreign matters.

Over at the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan will assume the top post. He currently serves in the White House on the president’s national security team as the counterterrorism adviser.

Appointments like these are routine in any second term of a presidency. People tend to wear out from four years of service under a president or the administration is simply looking for new blood. However it plays out, these transitions are mostly normal.

The real underlying point that everyone is watching is how long the Senate confirmation process will take. Even though the chamber is in Democratic hands, GOP lawmakers were able to put a stop to Susan Rice’s potential nomination as secretary of state before it was even official. We know that members of Congress are masters at slowing down progress.

Some top Republicans in the Senate, such as John McCain (R-Arizona), are already casting side-eyes and doubts at the Hagel/Brennan nominations. Here we go again…. *sigh*

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