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Obama Support Group Calls GOP “Irresponsible” In New Ad (VIDEO)

Obama Support Group Calls GOP “Irresponsible” In New Ad (VIDEO)
  • On Tuesday, 8 October, 2013

We all knew we would see some ads around this government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis that America’s facing right now.

Organizing for Action, a Democratic-leaning group that strongly supports President Obama, released its new 30-second ad titled, “Irresponsible.” They basically sum up the story of how Republicans are trying to hold America hostage over Obamacare and are threatening to not pay the nation’s bills as of October 17.

After placing blame squarely on the Tea Party, the ad urges people to sign a petition to tell Republicans to stand up to the crazy, fringe wing of their party.

I would hope that the Democratic organizations have an arsenal of more ads and social media items prepared for release. Unfortunately, Republicans have millions of dollars in shadow money to promote their lies about Obamacare, the shutdown, and to clamp down on GOP members who stray from their narrative.

A good portion of the argument can and will be won in the court of public opinion. That may not always be the most factual court, but it’s still a weighty one nonetheless.

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