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Obama Talks to the American People About Shutdown (VIDEO)

| On 02, Oct 2013

President Obama addressed the American people directly on Tuesday for the first time since the partial government shutdown took effect earlier in the day.

The president wasted no time placing blame squarely where it belongs — on the backs of House Republicans who are using the temporary budget (called a ‘continuing resolution’) as bait to further delay Obamacare.

Obama’s message was clear. We are not here to debate or delay a law that has already been passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the president. The American people are losing without a functioning federal government. And the lies about how people want the government shutdown and to get rid of Obamacare are foolish.

The speech was timely since the president needs to continue to own the media message during this crisis. The GOP claims that he didn’t step to the bargaining table until the 11th hour to avert the crisis. But honestly, that isn’t his job. It was CONGRESS that didn’t pass the continuing resolution and they need to work to fix it.



How long do you honestly think the federal government shutdown will last?

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