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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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‘Obamacare Girl’ Comes Out of the Shadows to Defend Herself (VIDEO)

‘Obamacare Girl’ Comes Out of the Shadows to Defend Herself (VIDEO)

| On 15, Nov 2013

Remember the lady who was the face of for the first few weeks of its botched rollout?

Well, she is a real person named Adriana and she sat down with ABC News recently to explain the cyber-bullying that took place while her photo was on the site. People mocked and threatened her — even dubbing her “Glitch Girl” because of the technical problems associated with the site launch.

To be clear, Adriana had nothing to do with the rollout of or its failings. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid offered to take photos of Adriana and her family for free in exchange for using them as stock images. She discovered this summer that her face would be used on the site’s homepage.

Adriana is a Colombian citizen living in the U.S. with her American husband of over six years and their 21-month old son. She is eligible for Obamacare, but has not signed up. Adriana says she plans to apply for U.S. citizenship at some point.

In the interview, Adriana said that she spoke out because of her child and feeling as if she needed to defend herself. I support her!

Why would someone be stupid enough to track down and threaten her? That makes no sense. The White House, Congress, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicare are the architects and implementers of Obamacare and its website. I’m almost laughing that people really thought attacking Adriana was going to do anything about Obamacare. How stupid can some people be?

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