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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Ohio Senate Passes Bill Limiting Early Voting

Ohio Senate Passes Bill Limiting Early Voting

| On 21, Nov 2013

Ohio outline

As I can see, Ohio is taking its rightful place behind a growing list of states that want to trample on the voting rights of others.

On Wednesday, the Republican-controlled¬†Ohio Senate passed a bill on a 23-10 partisan line that would cut back the state’s 35-day early voting period by one week. Ohio has one of the longest early voting schedules in the nation. The bill would also eliminate the “golden week” during this period — the time when people can register and cast a ballot at the same time. Republicans want the registration period to end first, then people can cast ballots.

The reasoning behind these sudden unnecessary changes is the Republican mantra that they are curbing potential voter fraud. Ha! When and where it exists unchecked, conservatives still have yet to provide details about.

Stories like this may make the news when they first happen, but the real impacts are not felt until it is time for the midterm elections in 2014 or the presidential contest in 2016. That is when the electoral system will bear the full weight of the voting populace and people will realize the rules have changed. It is a sick way of governance from the Republican majority in Ohio and other states rolling back voting opportunities. The Republican Party is so void of real solutions for people that they must suppress the vote to keep the power they have. How sad…

Please believe that as states such as North Carolina, Texas, and others quietly disenfranchise their residents, there are other forces at work. It is my belief that the national GOP is behind many of these coordinated efforts. It only makes sense. Republicans do not run the White House nor do they have a legislative majority in both houses of Congress to make this a federal effort. The next best thing is to attack people at the state level. It is happening with a range of issues, including abortion and healthcare.

To the average voter, this just looks like a backyard issue. Someone in California may not care about a bill in the Ohio General Assembly. However, it FEELS like a national effort to me. After recently gerrymandering districts and locking in super majorities in many statehouses, Republicans are pushing to cut off any opposition at the throats … i.e., by suppressing the vote. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it.

We will keep an eye on this legislation to see what it does in the Ohio House and ultimately on the desk of Republican Gov. John Kasich.



If you live in Ohio, please let us know what you think about the potential changes to early voting in the state? 

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