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Pointless Government Shutdown Looms for Tuesday

| On 30, Sep 2013

John Boehner Ohio Speaker of the House Republican

House Speaker John Boehner should cry lots of tears knowing his is one of the worst leaders of the chamber in history. (Photo credit unknown)

House Republicans are up to their usual tricks. This time the American people may pay a dear price for them.

As of the time I type this post, we are just under 11 hours until the possibility of a federal government shutdown of non-essential services. It’s quite sad that Congress has drifted the American people to this point of stupidity in government.

Remember, this is all about Republicans not wanting to fund the federal government from October 1 forward if it doesn’t delay the start of Obamacare for at least a year. Ironically … *gasp* … the major rollout for Obamacare starts on Tuesday with health insurance exchanges and lots of new consumer-friendly rules set to take effect in the coming months.

The Senate will vote Monday on a bill sent over by the House that delays Obamacare. They most likely will not approve it and punt the process back over to the House. That leaves mere hours until a shutdown, unless House members come up with a plan that both the Senate and President Obama like. This is one instance where divided branches of government come in handy.

GOP House members believe that if they shut down the government, then Democrats, the Senate, and President Obama will give in to their asinine demands. Oh yeah, and they think the American people will blame the whole thing on Democrats or a few wingnuts (Sen. Ted Cruz) in the Republican Party. Yeah right…..

My opinion is that the healthcare lobby has deep pockets that fund a lot of Republican elected officials. In exchange for the money that keeps their campaigns afloat, lawmakers promised they would shutdown any government intervention of the astronomically expensive healthcare system. That is why we have seen such strong, although not always logical, Republican push-back on a more fair health insurance system. It’s the only way to explain why conservatives are so adamant about poor people not having insurance and blocking helpful Medicaid on the state level. A more fair system means less profit for the big players in the health insurance industry.

Republicans have to serve their corporate masters first. The health and well-being of the American people is a distant third behind their own needs.

And in case you can’t get enough of crisis mode, the argument about raising the debt ceiling is approaching in two weeks. I already see I need to stock up on Advil immediately!

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