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POTUS Discusses Improvements to Healthcare Site Since Its Rocky Rollout (VIDEO)

POTUS Discusses Improvements to Healthcare Site Since Its Rocky Rollout (VIDEO)

| On 21, Oct 2013

President Obama kicked off his week on Monday by delivering remarks from the White House Rose Garden about Obamacare and its sign-up process on

The main point of the speech was to hit back at conservative critics who have trashed the website for its technical issues and flaws in the past three weeks. Since the recent government shutdown consumed most political discussions for the first half of the month, Obamacare and its rollout took (somewhat of) a backseat. Now that we are beyond the shutdown, the president came armed with some facts and a reminder of how people can now buy health insurance if they didn’t have any before.

In short, there are three main ways to get insurance. Obviously, there’s the website. You can also call (800) 318-2596 to have a live representative help you sign up. Or, people can get local help if they need someone to assist them in person.

I’m glad toward the end of the speech the president noted that it’s time for the GOP to stop trying to make the Affordable Care Act a failure. That needed to be said. There are millions of people who can benefit from coverage. But for some strange reason, conservatives don’t want them to have access to quality care. Hmm .. *coughtlobbyistscough* .. weird!


Sidebar: At the 26:00 mark, notice the pregnant lady in the red dress almost fainted behind Obama until he and someone else caught her.

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