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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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PRAISE ALERT – Michele Bachmann Won’t Seek 2014 Re-Election

| On 29, May 2013

One of the most divisive and erratic members of Congress, Michele Bachmann, has announced that she has reached the end of her rope with her job.

Won’t He do it?!

In 2014, Bachmann will not seek another two-year term in Congress. She will allow someone else to take the reigns of the 6th Congressional district in Minnesota. She made the announcement via YouTube. She also wasted about half of the video taking swipes at Democrats and President Obama. *sigh*

I’m sure there were several soccer moms, college students, and other people sick of her antics that executed their best cartwheels when she broke the news.

Bachmann’s reasoning that it was time to leave was that eight years (four terms)¬†were plenty for her. Political observers think she was afraid she might lose to Jim Graves, the Democratic candidate she only beat by 4,208 votes in 2012. Graves plans to run for the seat again next year.

Here’s some interesting timing around Bachmann’s announcement. She has been under scrutiny from Congress for the past few months about ethics violations during her presidential campaign. The Federal Election Commission has also thrown her a side-eye as they investigate her dealings.

As you may remember, Bachmann was a 2012 GOP presidential candidate running against a slew of other crazies. In August 2011, she won the Ames (Iowa) straw poll — a sign of hope from her original state of birth. But, the magic didn’t last long. She placed sixth in the Iowa caucuses just five months later. The following day, Bachmann pulled the plug on her candidacy. We were left with her seeking another run for Congress later in 2012 and winning.

This has to be the best news to hit the halls of Congress in months. Now when Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) retires or loses, I might throw a party. Just you wait!

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