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Rand Paul Gives One-Sided Tea Party Response to SOTU (VIDEO)

| On 13, Feb 2013

Republicans wanted to offer as many rebuttals as possible to President Obama’s State of the Union speech.

Not only did Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) deliver a thirst-quenching Republican response, but the Tea Party also offered a few opinions of their own.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was chosen to deliver the remarks for the fringe wing of the Republican Party.

He rehashed a lot of the same talking points that Tea Partiers always say about the president — too much spending, taxes are high, need smaller government, etc. I respect the fact that Sen. Paul thinks government spending is out of control. But, I never heard a real world solution to these issues. Also, the economy cannot be the only focus of solving America’s problems. What about climate change, gun violence, foreign affairs, etc.?

As usual, the Tea Party operates in a vacuum by assuming that if spending cuts are made then America will simply readjust itself to a more meager way of life. It doesn’t work like there. There are so many issues that got us into this economic mess that simply cutting our way out of it does not make sense.

Anyway, check out what the Tea Party has to say about President Obama’s remarks.



How much of a factor do you think the Tea Party plays in politics in 2013? 

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