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Romney Thinks Minorities Love of Obamacare Caused His Loss (VIDEO)

| On 05, Mar 2013

Mitt Romney is probably one of the most clueless people on the planet. The clip above is Exhibit A.

In a recent interview with FOX News, Romney spilled the beans about why he still can’t forward his mail to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s simple. He thinks the minority vote and their love of Obamacare played a major role in his loss. He says his campaign did well with majority voters, but not so swell with people of color.

There is truth in the fact that Mitt wasn’t “hittin’ on nothin'” with minority voters. But, it is not because of Obamacare. People simply did not like the man and he will not admit it.

If you look at the facts, whites made up 72 percent of voters, according to CNN. Minorities (blacks, Latinos, and Asians) only comprised an additional 26 percent of voters. Romney lost terribly with people of color, BUT he also had a good group of white people that did not like him either.

For instance, 39 percent of whites voted for Obama. Well, since they make up a bulk of the population .. that’s a lot of people in that figure. Forty-two percent of white women, the largest group of voters by race/gender, voted for Obama.

When in the hell is Romney gonna wake up and smell the polling data? He LOST because he has been completely out of touch with reality!

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