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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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See How Gerrymandering Has Fueled GOP Stupidity (VIDEO)

See How Gerrymandering Has Fueled GOP Stupidity (VIDEO)
  • On Thursday, 3 October, 2013

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The mainstream media has taken an increasingly tough look at the role gerrymandering has played in the Republican refusal to budge on the partial federal government shutdown.

Gerrymandering, if you’ve never heard of it, is the process that happens when the party in power at the state level draws the state and Congressional districts to favor their party.¬†This process happens once every 10 years when Census information is released.

For instance, if Republicans in Ohio control the General Assembly, which the do, then they will redraw the districts to pack them with more Republicans so they can win elections. If Democrats are in power, they will do the same thing — but maybe not as extreme because they are a tiny bit more effective at governing the people.

Rachel Maddow offered a segment this week showing just how rigged our system has become in favor of Republicans. This is happening in states where they are clearly losing the majority of votes. It is obvious to me and several others now that Republicans are using heavily gerrymandered districts to maintain power instead of leading with ideas and solutions.



How do you feel about gerrymandering after watching this news clip?

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