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Sen. Cornyn Hates On the Progress of (PHOTO)

Sen. Cornyn Hates On the Progress of (PHOTO)

| On 02, Dec 2013


Now that we are in December, the deadline has passed for improvements to According to the White House and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the website would see major changes for the better by November 30.

On Sunday, the teams reported a major turnaround on the site adding 100,000 new signups in November while key maintenance was performed.

This progress gives irate Republicans a little less to complain about now. They engulfed the news cycle in late October and most of November with complaints about Obamacare, the site, and its reflection on Obama’s leadership.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) took to Twitter on Sunday to offer a simplistic view of his thoughts on the Obamacare website turnaround:

John Cornyn Obamacare tweet Twitter

Of course, nothing will ever please Republicans enough to get them to actually HELP the American people. They are moving the goal post again with the Obamacare debate. They whined about the website and conflated it with the healthcare law as a whole when the site wasn’t doing well. Now it’s mostly fixed. But, they don’t want to tie the website’s improved performance to people’s feelings about the law. That would make Republicans look bad.

This is why we see pointless tweets like this instead of true governing.

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