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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Senate Fails Americans With Five Votes Against Gun Safety

| On 18, Apr 2013

Newtown shooting Connecticut Senate gun vote failed

 Schoolchildren from Sandy Hook Elementary School are evacuated from the building on December 14. (Photo by Newtown Bee/ZUMA Press)

The U.S. Senate, as many of us have long known, is a lawmaking body that can be bought and sold like an expensive pair of shoes. It takes money to play in Washington, please believe. And, many of our lawmakers carry a price tag.

The highest bidder on Wednesday was the National Rifle Association (NRA), the powerful gun lobby that has fiercely opposed limits on gun safety. They won five … YES, FIVE … votes against gun safety in the Senate.

The outcome appalled everyone from the families of the Newtown school massacre (some of whom openly wept in the Senate lobby during the votes), to President Obama and media personalities. The president, in particular, lit into the asses of many of the Senate Republicans that were behind some of these votes.

Here are the measures that failed, per the coverage in The New York Times:

  • Require checks for online sales and sales at gun shows, but not sales between neighbors and family members
  • Substitute for background check bill that increases enforcement and reporting on mentally ill people
  • Renew and strengthen a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • Limit magazine sizes to 10 rounds
  • Make straw purchasing and trafficking a federal crime

So yes, you’re looking at this correctly. All of the aforementioned points FAILED in Senate votes on Wednesday. Mind you, many public opinion polls showed that the American people wanted tougher gun restrictions.

As a nation we moved the needle even further back on the issue of protecting Americans from weapons getting in the wrong hands. The NRA had the deepest pockets to purchase the dignity and common sense of senators in favor of promoting their gun-toting agenda.

Here’s what you can do. See how your senator voted here, then contact them if they did not vote the way you intended. We the people need to send a resounding message to our legislators in Washington that they work for US and not for the NRA.


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