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Shaq Endorses Chris Christie for New Jersey Governor (VIDEO)

Shaq Endorses Chris Christie for New Jersey Governor (VIDEO)

| On 28, Oct 2013

I’m staring at the computer kinda confused on this Monday afternoon.

Former NBA star and ‘Inside the NBA’ host Shaquille O’Neal has publicly endorsed Chris Christie, a Republican, in his re-election bid for governor of New Jersey.

Here’s why it confused me so much. First, I never knew that O’Neal was from New Jersey. A simple Google search cleared that up for me. He’s originally from Newark, to be exact. Secondly, I never knew that Shaq was a Republican. But, then I did more searching and found that he endorsed President Obama in his 2012 re-election bid. I like the idea of not being tied to any one party, but it’s just confusing to see Shaq in that position. You never really hear his name mentioned with politics.

Christie is a weird politician among today’s crop of elected officials. He received very high marks for his handling of Hurricane Sandy and the efforts to work with President Obama and federal officials. That made him almost a national hero. But, he’s still a Republican — meaning that on several other issues he tows much closer to the party line. I think people outside of New Jersey think higher of Christie than his own constituents. I attribute that to his almost-national celebrity status.

The point is I would have never seen this Christie endorsement coming from Shaq in a million years. It’s just such a weird matchup…

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