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Texas Abortion Protester Makes a Fool Out of Legislators (VIDEO)

| On 11, Jul 2013

Since the new special session of the Texas legislature started on July 1, pro-choice protesters tried to keep the pressure on lawmakers not to pass the state’s restrictive abortion bill. One notable one was Sarah Slamen, a feisty 28-year-old from Central Texas, who testified in front of lawmakers this week.

Slamen had a nice speech prepared to talk about why the abortion bill would hurt the state. After having to listen to lawmakers lie for hours about why governing women’s health was necessary, Slamen scrapped her speech. She then crafted a slandering and unapologetic READ of nearly every senator on the committee. As she started down the line ticking off infractions of each lawmaker, she was thrown out of the hearing by state troopers.

It was amazing to watch, not because she was thrown out, but because of her spot-on shredding of the committee. She threw in her now-famous quote: “Excuse me, this is my government, ma’am. I will judge you.” SAY IT SARAH!

Unfortunately, the fight to keep all 41 abortion clinics open in the state of Texas is nearing full defeat despite massive protests two weeks ago. The June demonstrations were buoyed by a 13-hour filibuster of the measure by state Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) that helped kill the bill in the last session.

Now, the Texas House has passed the bill and it will head for a Senate vote on Friday. Gov. Rick Perry is expected to sign it into law.

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