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The Pointless Sequester Deadline Is Today

| On 01, Mar 2013

John Boehner Mitch McConnell Ohio Kentucky Republican GOP sequester White House

The GOP engine of procrastination, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

During my recent absence from the site, your government has been hard at work manufacturing more crises. The point is they are still not getting ANY work done!

The latest issue is about the “sequester” — a series of mandatory cuts to government programs set to take effect at midnight on Saturday if lawmakers don’t act to come up with a budget deal.

The sequester was a mechanism put in place to force cuts if Congress didn’t act to reduce spending and raise revenue. It was only supposed to go into effect after all other options had been exhausted. It’s something that never had to happen. Well, Congress did nothing to come up with a decent plan of their own. They waited until the last minute and adjourned on Thursday (until next week) with no deal struck.

Congressional leaders met at the White House on Friday to talk through some possible solutions. It doesn’t look likely that they will find one. Republicans are opposed to any tax hikes, all while knowing our government needs to create more revenue. 

The sequester is important to average Americans because it will impact several agencies and programs — including WIC, the Transportation Security Administration workers at the airport, air traffic controllers, the Pentagon, and even the budgets of local governments.

Republicans haven’t really wanted to find a solution to the sequester because cutting government spending is right up their alley. However, when they see that voters begin to react negatively to cuts and changes in programs, I expect they will be singing a different tune.

However this latest crisis plays out, one thing remains the same. Democrats and Republicans are unable to work together on almost anything.

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